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Audition Coach

On-Camera Technique

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Audition Coaching 

For Your Best Performance Every  Audition

Improvisation, script analysis, sense memory, archetypal action - there are many ways to approach a script. How  you work a scene depends on what your training is. But unless you start booking the jobs, you will never get to practice your craft outside of the classroom.

Auditioning and acting are not quite the same thing. 

Auditioning means making strong choices,  yet being flexible enough to take direction on the spot.

Auditioning means making practical decisions without losing your emotional connection to the material. 

The better your audition tools, the more consistent and compelling your auditioning will be -

on-camera, onstage, or in an agent's office.  

Some actors believe in going with the inspiration of the moment. The trouble is, you may not be able to reproduce that performance in the callback. And if you did a great job, there is always a callback.

In fact, getting in to a competitive program at a top school, booking even a tiny role on-camera, a commercial, or play, generally requires you make it through several, successive auditions, each one in front of a larger, more intimidating group of people.

Learn which skills to work for an audition.

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