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“Anyone who has fallen under the spell of Diana Krall or any of the many Krall wannabes currently doing the rounds but would like something with rather a lot more sass, swing and sheer joy of music making should look no further ... this is the real thing from the hottest jazz singer since, and we mean this is the nicest way, Jessica Rabbit.”   


Rebecca is simply one of the finest jazz and world fusion singers working today....

Gary Dalkin, 

Editor at To The Last Word

“Rebecca Downs plays Dr. Katherine Brandt with authority and passion bordering on obsession... Some of her most powerful moments come from capturing the agony of a brilliant mind in a failing body… It is painful but compelling to watch…“ 

DC Metro Theater Arts

"Rebecca Downs (Mimi Schwinn) is an expert in her craft and hurt the heart to watch as she launched her son’s book collection through the window in a particular moment of angry grief."

MD Theater Guide

This lady can really sing....

LA Jazz Scene

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