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Professional Actor and Musician

“Downs readily becomes the character

that the audience loves to hate…”

I am extremely thankful to have had so many interesting projects to work on in my many years as a working actor and musician. I have been so busy I have not always kept up with updating my reel to include my more recent TV shows, but my TV/Film and Animation credits are on my Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB) page at this link:

Demo actor reel - old!
Just Found This Episode
Jazz Singer

"...Anyone who has fallen under the spell of Diana Krall or any of the many Krall wannabes currently doing the rounds but would like something with rather a lot more sass, swing and sheer joy of music making should look no further..."

Gary Dalkin, Editor: Film Music On The Web

French Cabaret

Although I sing in five languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese,   French is my favorite language to perform in.  So  I created an all-french cabaret show called Paris Cafe.   Of course it includes the classic songs made famous by Edith Piaf, like  LA VIE EN ROSE and JE NE REGRETTTE RIEN as well as lesser known gems of the day like COULEUR CAFE by french bad boy Serge Gainsbourg. But I also chose to include new/old hits like ZOU BIZOU BIZOU, LE TEMPS DE L'AMOUR , some PINK MARTINI and fresh versions of the 60's hits of Burt Bacharach and Henry Mancini.  

Italian Lounge

Why italian lounge? because the only thing more fun than singing in French, is mixing it up with a couple of more languages and opening the door to fresh rhythms, from Swing to Bossa Nova, from Samba to Cha Cha, so that the evening is filled with playful, lyrical music that is equally fun to listen to and dance to.

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