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"This lady can really sing..." LA Jazz Scene

Voice Teacher

"Rebecca  Downs is an incredible singer, a patient and loving teacher, a responsible booking agent, and an all around pleasure to work with"
Matt Gendall, Entertainment Professional,
Los Angeles

For singers and actors - both professional and aspiring, I teach voice,  ear-training and do a certain amount of song-coaching. Breath control and support, microphone technique, expansion of range, mending "breaks" in the voice and song mapping are just some of the elements of my private singing lessons. I have studied classical, pop, jazz and broadway techniques.


In my many years working as a professional singer and voice actor, I had to make sure my voice was warmed up and ready for every booking, every audition. I had to be able to sing all night and still be able to show up in the studio the next morning, ready to record.   


My first ten years of vocal study were with David Blair McCloskey - a great voice teacher and pioneer in voice therapy.  When I began singing professionally in LA I studied with Seth Riggs, the father of speech level singing. From these great teachers, I learned that you don't have to risk losing your voice trying to get a great sound. I also learned how to achieve exactly the kid of sound I wanted. Learn solid technique to grow your voice,  and protect it from nodes, hoarseness and vocal damage. 

Beginners are welcome, as each lesson is geared towards the individual student's needs and goals. 

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Your Voice Lesson - Part 1

Each vocal lesson is divided into two parts. The first part of any lesson is a series of exercises customized to your goals and level as a singer, and are designed to  warm up,  stretch and strengthen the voice. We work on tone, strength, flexibility, support and tuning your voice and ear. 


                        Do not forget - your speaking voice and your singing voice are the same voice


Your Voice Lesson - Part 2

The second part of a lesson is devoted to working your voice on songs. Sometimes a song will be selected to challenge you, sometimes because it is perfect for you and so you should learn to sing it perfectly, whether for fun or for auditions and performances.


You will learn how to support your voice with your breath, and you will learn how to work with a microphone in order to take advantage of the "boost" and the different variety of colors it gives your voice. You are encouraged to record each lesson so you can use it for practice during the  week.

With friend and mentor the legendary Seth Riggs

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B.A. Theater - Tufts University

M.M Operatic Performance - Boston Conservatory of Music


Voice-Classical - David Blair McClosky, Boston

Susan Ormont, NYC, Royal Academy Of Music, London 

Voice-Jazz/pop - John Deaver, Los Angeles

Seth Riggs, Los Angeles