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“… the best coaches are working actors. They’re out there in the thick of it. These people prepare sides every week. They know how to make choices and how to adjust when they’re not getting the response they want. They understand the game because they play it on a regular basis...”  

The Top Requirement For a Great Audition Coach – Backstage (Aug. 15, 2016)

Learn from a working professional

The best singing lessons and audition prep classes offer the aspiring artist a tangible method. 

My job as your voice teacher, as your audition coach, is to give you a step by step process you can depend upon.   A process that will take your talent and bring it to its ultimate level. A process that will develop your voice, your skills, and your presentation so you can walk onto any stage, into any audition,  knowing  you are about to do your best work yet.


On camera and onstage, Rebecca Kyler Downs has worked as a professional  actor, singer, and voiceover artist for more than two decades.  Over the course of her career in Los Angeles and New York, she has recorded voice-overs, movie cues, video games, jingles, and CDs.  She has performed in TV shows, on film, onstage and in commercials.  Her own songs have been featured in films and in television series.

More about Rebecca Kyler Downs Atlanta voice teacher and actor coach

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